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Song by P!nk
from the album Funhouse
October 24, 2008
Pop rock
P!nk, Butch Walker
Butch Walker
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"Crystal Ball" "It's All Your Fault"

"Mean" (originally entitled "How Did We Get So Mean?") is a song by
P!nk from her fifth studio album, Funhouse.


P!nk explained that she had the idea for this song, which asks the question, 'how did we get so mean?' before her breakup with spouse Carey Hart. She explained: "One of the last trips that me and Carey took was me, Butch [Walker], Nora [Butch's wife], Steve Astafin and Jade Astafin… really good friends of ours. We're like the six musketeers. We would always travel together. And it was one of our last trips and it was for Butch's birthday to O-Hi. We all went and brought a guitar and had a picnic. I hadn't started working on my record yet and I took Butch over to the side, we're all so close that we all knew that Carey and I were unraveling. Even Carey and I did. And it was okay. It was sad and weird and beautiful. We just knew it was one of our last trips as the 'six.' And I took Butch to the side, away from them a little bit, and I said, 'I wanna write a song called "How Did We Get So Mean?"' And we started writing right there at the picnic in front of everyone. And it was awkward and beautiful and amazing. And there's still so much love at that picnic and so much honesty. Butch was the first person I worked with after Carey and I decided to split. And I sat there and cried through the rest of the song with Butch. We worked through it and I sang it into a laptop crying. I think everyone can relate to that song. My dad cried when he listened to that song."

Live performances[]

P!nk performed the song during the Funhouse Summer Carnival Tour despite not performing it during the Funhouse Tour. She performed it with Butch Walker. An exclusive online live performance was released during her performance on VH1's Storytellers. Butch Walker is also featured in this performance.